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Forms that solve business problems

Build beautiful online forms for free, collect data, and automate processes. Receive applications, feedback, and registrations for events, conduct surveys, and much more.

Snappy Form
Snappy Form

Creating a new form
is simple as pie

  • 1. Create form

    Choose a ready-made template or create an empty form. Use numerous blocks.

  • 2. Share

    Share the link to the form or embed it in the website.

  • 3. Collect answers

    View analytics for all responses or data on each respondent.

Snappy Form

Flexible system for
data management

  • Results summary

    See the overall results for each of your questions.

  • Individual responses

    Visualize the individual responses to your form.

  • Export of responses

    Download data in any convenient format – CSV, XLSX – and work with it.

Snappy Form


Receive notifications about new responses to email, Telegram. Automate your workflows through Webhook and more.
  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Webhook

Other features

  • Email notifications

    You won’t miss important answers because they will be duplicated to the email

    Email notifications
  • Limited access

    Set the access to information by time or number of responses

    Limited access
  • Export responses

    Export and download all of your responses to a CSV or XLSX file

    Export responses
  • Redirects

    Redirect your form to any page after it's been successfully submitted

  • Hidden fields

    Automatic completion of data that you already have

    Hidden fields
  • Multi-page forms

    Which help segment large application forms to make them more manageable

    Multi-page forms

Adjust forms to suit
your website or corporate style

Adjust forms to suit<br>your website or corporate style

Customize the styles of forms to suit your corporate style or integrate well into your site design.

Choose the borders rounding and sizes of the form elements, set the desired color for all elements, pick the color and font for the text.

Build forms for...

  • Application

    Create an application in 5 minutes to get orders

  • Questionnaires

    Send it to job seekers or customers

  • Registration for an event

    Accept applications for events or company activities

  • Feedback form

    Embed it in your site or create a separate page for it

  • Marketing research

    Conduct surveys to study the market and the needs of your target audience

  • Poll

    Run polls to see what people prefer

  • Voting

    Study public opinion or the demand for goods and services

  • Form for your tasks

    Create forms for your own tasks using a convenient builder


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