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Forms that solve business problems

Accept requests, feedback, event registrations, conduct polls, and more

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Export responses Access setup
Email notifications
Analytics Customization
Quick start No need to know code
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What is a form builder
useful for?

  • Request

    Create a request in just 5 minutes to receive orders

  • Profile

    Send to job seekers or customers

  • Event registration

    Accept applications for company events or activities

  • Feedback form

    Embed on a website or create a page for it

  • Marketing research

    Conduct surveys to study the market and the needs of the target audience

  • Poll

    Study public opinion or demand for goods and services

  • Voting

    Start voting to find out what people prefer

  • Form for your tasks

    Build forms to your tasks with the handy constructor


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Try now the forms work and see how effective they are

Create a new form is easy

  • No code

    Use a lot of blocks. Customize the form styles

  • Share the link or embed on the website

    Share a link to the form or embed on the website

  • Collect answers

    See analytics on all responses or an individual respondent

Customize forms to
your site or corporate style

Customize the form styles to fit your corporate identity or fit well into the website design.

Choose the border rounding and size of the form elements, set the desired color for all elements, and choose the color and font for the text.

Flexible system of work with data

  • Export answers

    Download data in any convenient format CSV, XLSX, and work with them

  • Sort and export the important answers

    Select the required fields and get information only on them

  • Information for a specific period

    Sort answers by date or period

  • Email notification of new answers

    Don`t miss important answers - they will be duplicated in the mail

  • Limited access

    Configure the availability of the form by time or number of answers

Ready-made templates for forms

How much is it

Snappy Form is still in beta, so paid accounts will be introduced later


  • 3 forms
  • Unlimited responses
  • 30 days of storing replies
  • Notifications of replies go to 1 email
  • Styling of forms
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Paid plan

Coming soon

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We`re just getting started and would be happy to get your feedback

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